With great emotions, unique experience and exclusive ambience – INHORGENTA inspires fair visitors and exhibitors every year.

Europe’s leading trade fair for jewellery, watches and precious stones offers the best overview of the latest designs, the latest trends and the most important innovations. The renowned industry platform brings together jewellers, jewelry experts, retailers, manufacturers, media representatives and industry influencers. All of them will have the opportunity to experience a wide variety of collections, build business connections or expand their knowledge. Also, INHORGENTA is an international hotspot for emerging talents, young designers and creative startups.

Explore the world of watches, jewelry and gemstones on INHORGENTA!

An inspiring exhibition space

According to the halls, it looks like this:

Hall A1 – Watches

Whether it’s high-quality mechanical watches, noble chronographs, stylish quartz watches or innovative smart watches – in Hall 1, renowned manufacturers as well as up-and-coming brands will present the latest trends. This is a unique opportunity for all exhibitors to come into direct contact with partners, media, bloggers and potential customers. Visitors can view the latest models, talk to manufacturers and gain valuable insights. I can gain new knowledge about watches or the market in general, or I can brush up on previous knowledge by listening to experts on Watch Talks.

Hall A1 – Elegance and lifestyle

In this hall there is a symbiosis of elegance, traditional jewelry art and innovative jewelry design. Everything should match perfectly. Modern jewelry combines individuality and style, while classic jewelry often focuses on timeless elegance and quality materials. Jewelry that embodies a certain lifestyle, focuses on diversity and emphasizes personality.

Jewelry at INHORGENTA is definitely “in”. The main feature of modern jewelry is that it is adaptable. With its help, you can redefine your look all over again. In this space you will find valuable pieces, but also have important and inspiring conversations.

Hall B1 – Fine gems

This hall is a place where originality, elegance and luxury meet.

Precious stones have always been a means of expressing individuality, status and timeless beauty.

The sparkle of a jewel makes the heart beat faster, not only diamonds, but also rubies, sapphires, emeralds and opals make up this treasure. With them, every outfit exudes glamour. Each piece tells a story.

These are often limited editions. Exhibitors always try to present the piece that immediately takes your breath away and stops your gaze. On INHORGENTA you have a unique opportunity to discuss how you can directly order stones.

Platinum, gold and white gold are the basis for pearls and precious stones. It’s a combination that creates, if not magic, then certainly extraordinary masterpieces.

Jewels are not just a fashion accessory. It’s an attitude.

Hall B2 – Weddings & decorations

In the newly designed exhibition space, you will enter the world of weddings and contemporary design. Here, everything revolves around wedding bells, engagement rings and bridal jewels. Jewelry for a special occasion will be on display here, as well as daring and unconventional pieces. Contemporary jewelry is characterized by individuality and experimentation. Key themes here will be sustainability and retail in the future.

Hall C1 – carats – from diamonds to opals

Once a year, Munich is the center of the trade in precious stones. Here you can learn all about gemstones from the experts and order them directly for your shops.

Hall C2 – Technology/Packaging & Carat/Bijoux

Exhibitions in this hall can be very interesting for jewelers, designers, goldsmiths and shop owners. Here everything revolves around the right store equipment, innovative packaging solutions, first-class security systems and tools of the highest quality.

After all, shop fittings are very important, new packaging solutions, first-class security and the finest tools. Learn how to display your goods in the best possible way and how to create an atmosphere where customers will feel excited and happy.

Packaging is the last step, but the first impression.


What are the latest trends? What products are part of the range? Or how to reach more customers? INHORGENTA offers answers.

INHORGENTA offers diversity, offers knowledge, innovation, networking, rewards.

INHORGENTA 2024 is special, because it celebrates its 50th birthday! The industrial platform is taking this opportunity to set a course for a bright future in a new spirit and high quality/look and feel standard. New renowned top brands such as Porsche Design, Lacoste, Hugo Boss and Calvine Klein will also be presented.

50 years of INHORGENTE will be celebrated together by exhibitors who have been there since the beginning and current participants. The ceremony will include two exhibitions that will feature jewelry creations from 5,000 years ago to modern times. The exclusive exhibition will remind us of the early 70s – in honor of the first INHORGENTA. In addition, INHORGENTA AWORD will have a special emphasis on the new location and sharpened categories. Regarding the awards https://inhorgenta.com/en/award/

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